Rules and Regulations

Landlord's Rules and Regulations

Updated December 18th, 2018

• No animals are permitted in the Premises without Landlord's prior written consent, which consent is deemed a license revocable with 10 days written notice by Landlord.

• Entry ways, passages, public halls and common areas may not be obstructed in any way, and may not be used for recreation, congregation or play, or in any manner that might endanger any occupant, invitee or licensee. No vehicle or bicycle is allowed in the Premises, building or any common area, unless there is a specific area designated for the same.

• All deliveries, except for small packages and mail, must be made through the rear or service entrance, or a special entrance designated for special deliveries.

• Tenant shall not permit anything to be thrown out of the windows or from the balconies of the Premises.

• Incinerators and waste receptacles shall be used in accordance with posted signs, and all items placed therein shall be neatly packaged and deposited. No explosive devices or any parcel or item shall be deposited therein which could cause danger.

• No sign or advertisement shall be placed in, around or upon any area of the Premises without prior written consent of the Landlord, which consent shall constitute a license revocable immediately upon written notice of the Landlord to Tenant.

• No items of personal property shall be placed in, around or upon any common area. Any personal belongings left on or in the common areas or storage closets (if any) shall be the sole responsibility of the Tenant(s). Landlord shall not be liable for the loss or theft of any such items.

• No items may be installed which causes or may cause a suspension or cancellation of property insurance coverage or increases property insurance premiums. These items include, but are not limited to, spas, hot tubs, above-ground pools, and/or trampolines.

• Tenant at all times during the Lease term shall conduct him/herself, and require other persons at the Premises to conduct themselves in a manner that does not unreasonably disturb his/her neighbors or constitute a breach of peace. No noise or other sound is permitted which disturbs the other occupants from quiet enjoyment of their home or common areas of the Premises.

• Tenant may not permit any part of the Premises to be used in connection with any activity that is a nuisance, offensive, noisy or dangerous, or involves: (i) repairing any vehicle(s); (ii) business or commercial activity of any type; (iii) violation of any zoning ordinance, homeowner’s association rule or restrictive covenant; (iv) illegal or unlawful activity; or (v) obstructions, interference with or infringement on the rights of other persons near the Premises.

• No cooking, baking or similar activity is permitted outside the kitchen area.

• No vertical or horizontal projection, machinery, device or receiver of any type, including satellite dishes, shall be attached in, around or upon any part of the Premises without express written permission from Landlord and must be installed and maintained in accordance with the Lease Addendum. If Tenant violates this provision, Tenant will be charged a $500 fee.

• No unsightly or unsanitary practice which could undermine the sanitation, health or appearance of the Premises shall be permitted.

• No activity carried on or within the Premises will be permitted which threatens the health, safety or property of any building occupant, or of Landlord.

• No fireworks or hazardous materials are allowed in the building or roof access whatsoever.

• No smoking is allowed inside of the Premises or any common area, under any circumstances.

• Plumbing and electrical facilities in the Premises shall be maintained diligently and neatly at all times.

• The use of water furniture, such as waterbeds, is prohibited.

• If any building is served by an elevator, Tenant must reserve move-in and move-out times in accordance with Landlord and/or applicable association policies.

• Tenant must give notice to vacate in writing by completing the Tenant’s Notice to Vacate Form and submitting it via email to [email protected] no less than 60 days prior to the end of the lease.

• Tenant must complete payment of a $350 move out processing fee for any move outs under any circumstances, charged at time the notice is received and due no later than 30 days prior to the agreed upon move out date.

• Tenant will return possession of the Home to Landlord no later than 12:01 AM local time on the last day of the Lease Term, or at another date with the express written permission of Landlord, in Move-In Quality Condition.

• Tenant will enroll in Auto-Pay and make all payments online through the Tenant Portal.

• Rent is due in full on the 1st of each month.

• Tenant must secure and maintain Renter’s Insurance with a minimum liability coverage of $100,000, and provide proof of enrolment prior to move in.

• Garbage must be wrapped in plastic bags and placed in the containers provided, if any.

• Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are not to be removed or tampered with.

• No grills are allowed whatsoever on the balcony of the Premises. Gas grills are only allowed in the rear yard, away from any siding or fire hazards.

• Tenant, any member of Tenant’s household, visitor and/or guest shall not engage in any criminal activity, including illegal narcotic substances, criminal activity on or near Premises.

• For all Maintenance Requests, Tenants must include three distinct four-hour time windows in the seven days after the request is submitted, during which the Home will be available for repairs.

• All non-emergency work performed outside of Standard Business Hours (8 AM – 6 PM Monday – Friday) will incur an additional $100 convenience fee.

Home Care and Maintenance

As a Tenant, you share in the responsibility in the upkeep of your home. We take care of the heavy lifting, i.e. the structural elements and the utility systems serving your home. This includes the roof structure, foundation, water and sewer lines, windows, heating and ventilation systems, water heaters, electrical systems, and kitchen appliances and other major repairs. You are responsible for other repairs and general tasks in accordance with your Lease.

When maintenance issues arise it’s important to know whether the issue is one handled by National Home Rentals, or an issue that falls on the Tenant to rectify it themselves. Below is a helpful reference table for identifying where the responsibility falls when a particular type of issue arises. All repairs performed at Tenant’s request must be performed by license, bonded and insured contractors. Tenant shall hold Landlord harmless for any damages caused by Tenant or Tenant’s contractors.

For issues that fall under the responsibility of National Home Rentals, all service requests, except for emergency repairs, must be submitted 24/7 through our online Tenant portal.

Description of Maintenance IssueResponsibility
Rectification of major plumbing and sewer septic issues when caused by roots or breakdowns of fixtures not caused by TenantNHR
Repair of inoperable doors and windowsNHR
Major repair of heating and cooling systems – both mechanical systems and ductworkNHR
Major repair or replacement of hot water tanksNHR
Major repair of appliances provided to the Tenant by National Home Rentals, except for Washer and Dryer.NHR
Repairs to any electrical systems, light switches or socketsNHR
Repair and maintenance of roofs, ceilings, foundations and exterior sidingNHR
Other repairs for which law dictates Landlord is responsibleNHR
Repair of all clogged drains and toilets, except when caused by roots or breakdowns of fixtures not caused by TenantsTenant
Repairs and maintenance of any pools, hot tubs and/or spas (if any)Tenant
Repair and Maintenance of Window Screens (where provided)Tenant
Repairing and/or Replacing Toilet Flappers where necessaryTenant
Repair of any broken glass, window/door screens or door framesTenant
Timely report all maintenance issues, even those that are NHR ResponsibilityTenant
Repair of all internal and external ice makers and water dispensers. Tenant
Repairs to Washer and DryerTenant
Repair of any appliances not provided to the Tenant by National Home RentalsTenant
Replacement of lost keys, or changing of locks if neededTenant
Repair and maintenance of all storm and screen door(s)Tenant
Prevention of mildew and discoloration in wet areas (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry areas)Tenant
Installation and maintenance of winterization items, including protecting exposed pipes against freezing or installation of hurricane shutters in the event of a hurricane warning issuanceTenant
Replacement of lost keys, or changing of locks if neededTenant
Prevention of mildew and discoloration in wet areas (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry areas)Tenant
Repair and replacement of all Shower RodsTenant
Taking action to promptly eliminate any dangerous condition on the PremisesTenant
Repair or replace mailboxes and pay for the community or group mailbox key(s)Tenant
Removal of any standing waterTenant
Repair of any damage caused by petsTenant
Realignment of garage door sensorsTenant
Know the locations and operation of the main water cut-off valve and all electric breakers and how to switch the valve or breakers off at appropriate times to mitigate any potential damageTenant
Repair of any damage caused by the Tenant, Tenant’s Guests or Invitees, Break-Ins, and/or Vandalism*Tenant
Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance including minor sprinkler and irrigation system repairs**Tenant
Pest Control issues**Tenant
Regular preventative maintenance tasks**Tenant
In general, all nominal and/or incidental repairs to the Property – i.e. repairs that cost $100 or lessTenant

* Damage repairs that cannot be completed by the Tenant may be completed by National Home Rentals and charged back to the Tenant as determined by National Home Rentals

** See table for more detailed delegation of responsibilities

Description of Pest Control IssueResponsibility
Wasps and Bees – identifiable hives existing within the propertyNHR
Birds, bats, raccoons or squirrels found inside the home causing potential health issueNHR
Treatment for termites, carpenter ants, and/or other infestations that compromise the structural integrity of the HomeNHR
Removal of snakes, lizards and other pestsTenant
Ants, spiders, roaches and other pestsTenant
Periodic, preventative and additional extermination services required or desired by Tenant, including, but not limited to, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, etc.Tenant
Small rodents including mice, rats and gophers in the lawn or other landscape bedsTenant
Landscaping DescriptionResponsibility
Removal or trimming of trees that pose imminent threat to premises or occupants of premises.NHR
Major irrigation repairs, such as broken supply lines or non-functional valvesNHR
Regular mowing, trimming, edging, weeding and fertilization of lawn, along with proper disposal of clippings and debrisTenant
Regular trimming of trees, bushes and shrubs, including keeping them clear from the home and impeding walkways**Tenant
Removal and disposal of fallen tree limbs**Tenant
Minor irrigation repairs such as broken sprinkler heads or damaged irrigation emittersTenant
Replacement of batteries in irrigation timersTenant
Regular cleanup of leaves and other debris from the roof and rain guttersTenant
Regular watering of lawn and plants. Some locations have watering restrictions due to drought, be aware of your local watering rules and water within their restrictions.Tenant
Controlling of pests in the lawnTenant
Removal of snow and ice from driveways and sidewalksTenant
Regular removal and proper disposal of all trash and pet wasteTenant

**Tenants must use professional, licensed, bonded and insured service providers for these items.

Preventative Maintenance DescriptionResponsibility
Replacing air filters upon deliveryTenant
Supplying and replacing batteries for Keyless Locks, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors, garage-door openers, remote controls and other devicesTenant
Install and maintain any items required to protect home against extreme weather conditions, including protecting exposed pipes against freezing or installation of hurricane shutters when a hurricane “warning” is issued.Tenant
Checking for water leaks under sinks, near toilets and water valves. Reporting leaks or water stains that appear on ceilings or walls immediatelyTenant
Supplying and replacing all light bulbs and florescent tubesTenant
Performing monthly pest control remediationTenant
Servicing of Air Conditioning systems each Spring**Tenant
Servicing of Heating systems each Fall**Tenant
Servicing of Hot Water Heaters each Summer**Tenant
Servicing and cleaning of gutters each Spring and Fall**Tenant
Servicing and cleaning of pools bi-weekly (if any)**Tenant
Securing the home from any Inclement WeatherTenant
Maintaining and replacing Sprinkler HeadsTenant
Regular cleaning of all appliances, carpets, floors, blinds and regular removal of all trashTenant
Cleaning up after petsTenant
Keeping exterior areas swept and clean of all debrisTenant
Keeping the home clean and neat inside and outTenant
Checking for and reporting any loose Roofing or SidingTenant

**Tenants must use professional, licensed, bonded and insured service providers for these items.


How to Create a Maintenance Work Order

In order to submit a maintenance work order, Tenants can use the same convenient online system that is used to submit payments.

1. After logging into the Tenant portal, click on “Maintenance Request”

2. Fill out the required fields letting us know the nature of the issue, and hit submit! One of our maintenance professionals will be out to assist you with the issue as soon as possible.

3. All non-emergency repairs must be submitted through the Tenant portal. National Home Rentals may charge Tenant a $100 processing fee for all non-emergency repairs that are submitted through the call center or submitted via email.