UPDATE - Our maintenance portal has been updated as of 4/20/20, to learn more, please review the guide with login instructions sent to the email we have on file.

Emergency Requests - If you are experiencing a fire or any other life-threatening condition at the property, please dial 911 immediately.

National Home Rentals (NHR) is dedicated to providing our residents with safe, functional, and comfortable homes nationwide. Although these homes are delivered as-is, they may require repairs and maintenance from time to time. We have outlined the maintenance service guidelines below setting forth those items NHR will repair and those items for which you, as the resident, will be responsible. All repair needs should be made through NHR’s resident maintenance portal.

We want to help you avoid any unnecessary fees. Please remember there may be charges to your account for the following: damage caused by you or a guest, if an issue is not reported to us and causes damage, if someone over the age of 18 is not at your home during a visit, or if an appointment is cancelled in less than one business day.

National Home Rentals Responsibility

Air Conditioning not cooling or furnace not heating

Water heater, plumbing leaks, garbage disposals, and major drain clogs

Roof, foundation, and other structural items

Refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and dishwashers

Recurring and persistent water intrusion

Garage doors and fences

Weekly pool service

Resident Responsibility

Minor electrical items such as outlets, fixtures, and all light bulbs

Minor plumbing items such as running toilets and single fixture drain clogs

All interior walls and surfaces

Thermostat batteries, furnace/return filter replacement, outdoor unit cleaning

Water filters, water softeners, and icemakers

Window screens and blinds

Interior humidity levels and condensation

Daily pool maintenance (water level and cleaning)

Pest control, landscaping, and irrigation maintenance/winterization

HOA and Municipal Requirements and Responsibilities

Your home may be part of a Homeowners Association (HOA) or a municipality covered by certain rules and regulations to keep your neighborhood beautiful and safe. Please familiarize yourself with the expectations and restrictions that were provided as part of your Lease Agreement.

Documentation Required on Work Orders

In order to ensure we get the proper professional to your home in an appropriate amount of time there are certain instances where we require pictures be submitted when your work order is created. Please include any and all photos you think would be of help when submitting work orders

**For complete details on resident and/or tenant responsibilities please refer to the terms set forth in your lease.